You Know it’s Going to be a Bad Day When…

Posted By KidGearUK on Wednesday, 9 March, 2016 | 3 comments

WARNING: This isn’t a good post to read if you’re emetophobic!


Within five minutes of getting up your child has puked on your leg, ran to the loo and got more puke over himself than in the toilet.


I thought this start to the day was just a bad cold, that he’d sniffed and swallowed snot all night and his tummy didn’t approve. However then he barely touched breakfast, took a couple nibbles of lunch before laying on the sofa looking pretty rubbish.


Holding Hands with Little Robot

“Do you want a cuddle?” “No mummy, I just want to hold your hand”


Time to get Big Robot from school. Time for a wee and shoes and coat. Upstairs we go, “my tummy feels funny, my throat hurts” he says and then…well, then my child exploded. A bad day got worse when, 5 mins before we needed to leave, Little Robot quite literally redecorates the bathroom. Puke up the walls, over the floor, toilet seat, down the toilet…virtually everywhere except in the toilet itself.


So when we should have been heading out the door, I’m cleaning the bathroom. I couldn’t leave it festering. Thankfully Big Robot wasn’t worried about us being a few minutes late and , within a few minutes of getting home, Little Robot is asleep on the sofa. He wakes up, pukes again, decides he doesn’t want dinner and we tuck him up in bed.


The washing machine was working hard and I spent the evening worrying (I should add that to my jobs of a parent list). We go to bed about midnight, just getting my jammies on when *cough* *splutter* “MUMMY!!!” He’s puked on his bed.


That was last Wednesday. Thursday he was a bit better, didn’t touch breakfast but wolfed down some lunch. Looked a bit queasy before the school run and sure enough we got back, he took two bites of snack and puked again. This time whilst sat ON the toilet so I’m playing catch-the-vom with a Tupperware tub. Ten minutes later he’s saying he’s hungry and wants to eat Cheerios.┬áHe shoved them in his mouth so fast as I sat there hoping we didn’t see them again.


I hate tummy bugs.


Cuddle Fairy


  1. Upset tummies are the worst and is getting covered my vom and trying not to be sick yourself. Being a mum can be down right unglamorous! I hope things have improved x #BloggerClubUK

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  2. Oh no – I hate tummy bugs too!! Sound like it was a pretty horrendous one :(. I hope those cherrios stayed down for your sake! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

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