World Book Day – Easy Costume Ideas

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This year is flying by, we’re almost in March which means World Book Day is just around the corner. On the 3rd March, many children will be dressing up as their favourite book characters for the day.

Though what if you’re not a whizz with paints and PVA? Or simply don’t have the time. Here’s 10 simple World Book Day costumes, most of which just require normal clothes and some easy to make props.

George from Georges Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.

Little 8 year old George decides he needs to do something to shake his mean old grandma up a bit. He makes his marvellous medicine, tipping every household item he can find into a big pan. Dress up as George by wearing jeans and a top plus going to school with a saucepan and spoon, or a brown bottle and spoon. If you don’t have a plastic brown bottle, make one by covering an old plastic bottle in brown tape.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The little girl who wanders into the woods where she trespasses onto the Three Bears property, steals their porridge and causes criminal damage to their belongings. Your child can be Goldilocks for the day, hopefully without the law breaking, by wearing a dress and taking to school a plastic bowl and spoon (her porridge) or a teddy bear (one of the Three Bears of course).


Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Poor little Charlie is literally that, poor. Living in poverty in a tiny house, he desperately wants to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory when the great chocolatier opens it’s doors. Dress as Charlie by wearing jeans and a top and printing out a golden ticket.

Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket



Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault

Everyone knows the story of the little girl in the red dress visiting her grandma, only to find a wolf in grandmas bed instead. Become Little Red Riding Hood for the day by dressing in a red dress and, if you have one a red hooded top.


Harry from Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds

Five year old Harry is always going on adventures with his dinosaur friends. Carried in a bucket, Harry often jumps in to join them in DinoWorld. Dressing as Harry is simply a case of wearing normal clothes and taking to school a plastic bucket with little toy dinosaurs inside.


Lyra from The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman.

Fiesty Lyra Belacqua questions everything. All around her children are disappearing, being kidnapped, and nothing is as it seems. Dress up as Lyra by wearing a blue dress and making a golden compass (orΒ alithiometer as it’s also known) by printing this image and sticking it to a circle of thick card.

Golden Compass Alithiometer



Mr Bump from The Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves

Unless you happen to have some of Georges’ marvellous medicine to hand, it might be hard to magically become Mr Tall. However, dress your child in blue jeans, blue top and wrap some bandages around their middle and they’ll be transformed into Mr Bump.


Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

Everyone knows the story of the boy wizard, dress up as him or one of his friends by wearing normal clothes, some round glasses (for Harry) and a stick for a wand. If you have any witchy, wizardy Halloween costumes they could also wear a hat or a cape. Alternatively, make a hat by rolling black card into a cone shape.

Are your kids looking forward to World Book Day? Who are they dressing up as?


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  1. Aarggh, totally forgot about World Book Day! Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚
    It’s my 5 year old’s first one and I’ve been dreading this literally for the last two years. Our school communications aren’t very organised. They’ll probably remind us on 1st March leaving almost no time to throw something together! We’ve just finished reading George’s Marvellous Medicine and that costume idea looks pretty straightforward. I like the Harry Potter idea too, though we’ve not read it he’s seen the Harry Potter Lego mini figure in his mini-figure book so bizarrely knows who he is!

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    • KidGearUK

      Yes, it’s so annoying when they leave it to the last minute to tell everyone! I was amazed when the kids school emailed before half term about it. They’ve never had a dress up day for World Book Day before so thankfully gave lots of warning. My eldest is being George too.

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  2. Great ideas! I always get scared during dress up for Book Week! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

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    • KidGearUK

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for hosting! πŸ™‚

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  3. Funnily enough I was just talking about world book day outside school yesterday! I had a moment of inspiration and thought my son could go as Harry and the dinosaurs this year, so love that this idea was on your list too! Last year he went as the man from ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ in jeans, a blue jumper and some toy binoculars! #BloggerClubUK

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    • KidGearUK

      Great stuff! Harry and his dinosaurs are popular in our house. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is a good idea. I’m all for easy costumes, I’m breathing a sigh of relief that none of my children suggested being A Very Hungry Caterpillar or something!

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  4. Loads of parents at the girls school complain and panic about book day. I don’t understand why – as you say you can easily come up with something. Last year my eldest went as Gangster Granny, She wore a white blouse a skirt, a cardigan, had her hair in a bun and I made her a bandit mask out of some old leggings. My other daughter went as Hermione Granger – we had the Harry Potter cloak and a tie, then it was just a case of school uniform. This year one wants to be TigerLily and the other Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. #FabFridayPost Sarah x

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  5. Monkey starts school in Sept this year and I am really looking forward to his first world book day. Although i am sure when I get to it and realise I have no time to make a costume and left it too late I will no longer think its a greta idea. However I now have this post so thank you πŸ™‚ I am sure it will come in handy. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

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  6. i appreciate watching movies specially any time you have Vinn Diesel on it. Race To Witch Mountain is actually a classic alien film::

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