What’s the Point of Blogging? Why I Love it.

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When I think about the blogging world, I think of a busy, hectic world of writing posts, writing down ideas, taking pictures and photo editing for the blog itself. In addition there’s the social side to it, reading and commenting on other blogs, regular updates across many social media channels.


If you’re a blogger, there’s so much to do and get involved with that you could easily spend all day at the computer. It can be completely overwhelming, you do everything you think needs to be done but there’s always more. A daily to do list that gets always gets longer, never shorter. It can be hard to fit it in around family, other jobs and just living life.


What's the Point of Blogging? Why do I Love It?


It’s not easy being a blogger and, when I first started, I worried that it would take time away from our family. Obviously blogging lets me write and be creative, but there’s more to it than that. I’m a family blogger and bringing some of what my family get up to into my blogs brings my focus to them. I look back to before I began blogging and it felt like I was just wandering through life and not taking any of it in. Blogging has brought my focus back and, having a blog that’s something for me, gives me energy and enthusiasm to do more.


Blogging has given me renewed energy, enthusiasm and focus. Other bloggers are awesome. What’s not to love? Through blogging, I’ve been reminded of the simple things, the things that matter and what life is really all about.


How did you get started blogging and what do you love most about it?

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