Where Are my Favourite Toys?

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It’s been a couple years but I still remember the worried look on Big Robots face as he asked me, “Where are your toys mummy?”


“What do you play with? You have no toys” he continued.


I tried to explain that grown ups don’t really play with toys and that, as you get older, you tend to be interested in other things. Lego and Playmobil lose their appeal unless you’re a collector.


He continued to look worried “so what will happen to all my toys?” He couldn’t imagine ever not wanting to play. He couldn’t imagine not owning mountains of plastic bricks, fire engines with flashy lights and enough toy bin trucks to put the councils fleet to shame. He couldn’t believe that, one day, he might not want his favourite toys any more. His eyes widened, big brown eyes staring at me and sadly contemplating this. Then I felt sad too.


Where ARE my toys? In landfill I think, my parents didn’t keep a single one. I felt sad that I couldn’t see them again and pass some of them on to my boys. I remember when I was a child, my dad would sometimes bring his old toys out of the attic. He still had his, I felt sad that I didn’t have a single one of mine. I ended up browsing eBay for Polly Pockets, Keypers, Rainbow Brite and all the rest. Just to look at the pictures and remind myself of them but then my fingers got twitchy and I bought a Polly Pocket wedding play set, one like I used to own, but it doesn’t feel right, it’s not my one.


Where Are my Toys? Polly Pockets, Keypers, Rainbow Brite...where did they all go?


So I had to accept that, as much as I’d like to see them again, just one last time, all my favourite toys are gone. I don’t want to let the same happen to my boys toys. Obviously I can’t keep everything but some plastic superheroes and flashy-lighted emergency vehicles will make their way into the loft once the boys think they’re finished with them. Since I know they won’t be, they’ll want to see them again, at least one last time.


What were your favourite toys when you were growing up? Do you still have them? Will you keep some of your children’s toys?

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  1. Oh, I loved Polly Pocket – we had loads! And Sylvanian families too – they were my favourite. Luckily my parents it turns out are massive hoarders and keep bringing out our old toys from the loft of the garage for my son and my nephew to play with (the Sylvanian families have not made a reappearance though sadly). I do remember being made to throw out lots though, so I dread to think of the sheer number of toys we had over the years, it’s terrifying!

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  2. It’s a sad realisation for a child to make – that one day they might not want their toys anymore. I still have a few of mine stored in my loft – there is a dolls house that I’d like to restore for my girls, my Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby toys and Baby Talk doll and I have some marionettes that I loved as a tween. Most of my toys though were passed on to nieces and nephews or taken to the charity shop. #BloggerClubUK

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  3. Ah, I’d never considered how sad it must be for our kids to outgrow their toys – we have so many toys currently our house feels like an annexe of ToysRUs! Feels like we’ll never be shot of them!!

    I do have a couple of soft toys from when I was little. One – a beanie type frog, I actually remember picking in the shop even though I must have been about 3! I remember having a Sindy horse and cart that I loved. Don’t know what happened to that though…. other than that, my parents weren’t the sentimental type and I don’t have anything else from my childhood.

    I’ll definitely keep some of my boys’ toys (along with a couple of cherished baby gro’s!). Am sure they’ll appreciate it when they’re older 🙂

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  4. Mine are all gone too, funny how parents did that but kept their own? My brother has some old starters bits and lego but nothing more. Monkey is obsessed with Paw Patrol at the moment so I can see us keeping some of those. Some of the baby toys are special to me so I won’t let them go either. I think if you have room keep a box full won’t don ay harm after all we keep the first pair of shoes, photos and baby grows!! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

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