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Mindful Parenting – Putting the Focus on Fun

Posted By on Friday, 26 February, 2016

Life with children can be a monotonous slog. When they’re babies there’s the day in, day out round of nappy changes, snotty noses, playgroups and poo, lots of poo. As they get older, children¬†then have an endless list of homework, after school clubs, weekend activities and hobbies that they want and need their parents to take part in.¬†A never-ending list of things to be done, jobs parents need to do, and all round hard work. It’s not easy being a parent.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and wouldn’t change anything for the world. Though go on, admit it, you find playgroups and crafts a bit boring too. We do all this stuff because we love them, because we care for their development and, whilst some of it is fun for all, through some of it we can find ourselves bored to tears. Sometimes we need to work out how to put the focus on fun.

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You’ve probably heard the word mindfulness many times before. It seems to be the latest thing for dealing with stress, anxiety and just living a happier life. There’s articles about it everywhere. Though how can mindfulness help children? And how can we teach them to be in the present moment?
I’ve noticed as my children have gotten older, they pick up the habits from grown ups. What I mean by that is babies tend to live in the present moment and, as children grow, they start looking to the past, wishing they could go back or looking to the future and wishing it would come faster or not happen at all.

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