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Hama Beads Bumper Activity Set

Hama Beads Bumper Activity Set

Posted By on Monday, 4 April, 2016


For an extra Easter treat I like to get the boys something other than a chocolate egg. Usually it’s a game we can play together such as Mousetrap or Gator Goal. This year I thought they had plenty of games, especially as we got BBQ Party at Christmas and Big Robot recently spent his pocket money on Operation. That’s a lot of games, time for something different this Easter.

So I thought a new craft activity would be ideal and I’d seen adverts for Beados, Aquabeads and Hama Beads lately. All are a similar idea, little coloured beads you create pictures with. I wasn’t sure which was best. I worried that Beados and Aquabeads might not stick together and stay together forever as they only stick by spraying on water. I also saw that Hama Beads, which you iron to stick them together, were available in big tubs and also Hobbycraft have an own brand version which work the same and are cheaper.

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