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Spring has sprung and, as the days are getting warmer, I find myself coming out of my winter hibernation and wanting to spend more time outside. Little Robot doesn’t enjoy playing in the garden very much, well actually, he does when he’s out there but it’s convincing him to get out there that’s tricky. Big Robot would happily spend most of his time outside, he loves it. I have fond memories of him exploring the garden when he was just two as I sat on the patio step feeding his newborn brother.

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Warmer Days are on The Way: Ideas for Outside Play

Warmer Days are on The Way: Ideas for Outside Play

Posted By on Tuesday, 19 April, 2016


Spring has sprung,

Summer’s not far away.

Days are getting warmer now,

Time for outside play.

I don’t know why I turned poet just then, it just sort of popped into my head. Anyway, it’s getting warmer and the garden is looking more and more inviting. Time for more outside play, get the kids out there, more fresh air and vitamin D but what exactly can they DO out there? Especially if you have a kid who’s a very indoorsy type of person, how do you convince them to at least spend some time outside. Here’s some ideas to tempt them away from toys and TV and get running around instead.

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