Are Supermarket Flowers Any Good? Tesco Flowers – Review

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Spring is slowly starting to creep in, daffodils are opening and trees will soon blossom, bringing some much needed colour after a grey, wet winter. With this time of year bringing flowers outside our homes, it’s always nice to bring some inside as well.


Maybe it’s for a special occasion since Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter are just around the corner. Maybe it’s just to treat yourself and brighten your home. Whatever the reason, do you go to an independent florist, a chain florist or elsewhere? How about supermarkets, aren’t they just one step up from petrol station flowers?


I must admit I usually buy flowers from Tesco and, since I’m a member of their Orchard review program, they’ve asked me to review their flowers.


Firstly there’s the obvious, it’s really handy as I can pick up some flowers whilst doing the food shop. Though convenience aside, what about the flowers. Would I be pleased if my husband came home with Tesco flowers for Valentine’s Day? Would I buy my mum some this Mother’s Day?


I went in-store today to see what was available and, now the Christmas flower range has gone, there was a wide variety of flowers, colours and prices. The Tesco Finest bouquets were lovely with purple, pink and white colour flowers, including roses and calla lilies, wrapped in sophisticated, grey wrapping. They were priced from £10 and whilst they were beautiful, I decided to try the cheaper end of the range. Are they any good, despite the low price?


Tesco Flowers In Store Range


I bought a bouquet called Cheer which, as the name suggests, has cheerful yellow, white and pink. Perfect to brighten a up my home now we’re moving out of winter. Priced at only £2.50, I decided to buy two as the vase I have is really big. As you can see, they look lovely. They’re supposed to last for 7 days and come with a sachet of cut flower food.


Tesco Flowers in Vase


Overall, I really like Tesco flowers. They’re convenient, with a good variety of bouquets to suit any occasion and prices for any budget. My boys love these flowers too. I bought them whilst they were at school and were really happy walking in the room and seeing the vase of flowers stood by the fireplace. They loved the bright colours and immediately declared the pink ones where their favourite.


Think I’ll end with one more picture because I struggled to choose between my pictures for this post!

Tesco Flowers - Cheer Bouquet


Update 16/2/2016: The flowers are guaranteed to last for 7 days, it’s now 5 days on and the flowers still look like the day I bought them.


I am a member of the Tesco Orchard community and received vouchers to try this product for free for the purpose of reviewing it. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. I often buy flowers from Tesco’s for special occassions.. They last beautifully and I prefer being able to pick out the perfect bunch rather than ordering online. I think they’re great value for money too! #TriedTested

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  2. They are so lovely and bright. Supermarket flowers have really come on in the last few years #triedtested

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  3. Lovely flowers and at a great price, glad to hear 5 days on they are still looking good

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  4. I love Tesco’s flowers. They are lovely, varied and inexpensive. I can choose from any colour, type and size depending on my mood and occasion!

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