Summer Holidays – All Good Things Must End

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I have fond memories of my school holidays as a child. Whether it’s the long, lazy days of summer sunshine (ha! OK, maybe not in the UK) or the cozy, comfort of Christmas, there’s always been good memories made. As a parent, spending more time with my children is the obvious plus (I also rate not having to get out of bed at 7am and face the school run as a major bonus too) but I do feel I need to create the fun times of my childhood for my boys.


We’ve enjoyed the summer holidays this year, taking a trip to Hunstanton early on and since then we’ve visited the park, cinema, swimming pool, played lots of games, ate much chocolate and caught many, many Pokemon together.


Not always as blissful as it sounds. Some days cramming in a day full of activities or visiting family results in a case of the pre-bedtime grumps. Even Big Robot has succumbed to the grump monster during the summer holidays. After an exciting day visiting family, he launched himself out of bed and rushed downstairs early the next morning. I knew this wouldn’t end well and sure enough he finished the day with grumpy howls as I ushered him to bed, exhausted.


Despite the tiredness, it’s been fun though near the end six weeks starts feeling like a very long time. As the last fortnight dragged on, I began to feel we’d peaked too soon, crammed in so much that we’d now run out of things to do. The boredom started to set in. There’s only so much Minecraft and cake baking the Mini Robots can take. Toys that have languished at the back of cupboards for months, sometimes years, were being dug out and used again. Even the Furbys, previously doomed to death-by-flat-batteries-and-dust, were resurrected.


Which then results in this.


Summer holidays equals a messy living room


Sitting down to blog or even drink a cup of coffee seems impossible. Summer holidays mean exchanging the mountain of school uniforms to wash with an Everest of toys on my living room floor.


It’s an expensive time too. The beach holiday, days out, even just a trip to the supermarket comes with another request for parting with more money. We’ve had lots of…


“Can I have a toy?”

“Can I have a magazine?”

“Can I have a sweet?”


Of course, the aforementioned mountains of school uniform that was fine 6 weeks ago no longer fits now. Buying more brings the joyful job of labeling 101 different items before the start of term. Dutifully I iron on labels in what feels like a pointless task, Big Robot often manages to lose jumpers in places where they don’t get found for two years.


Finally the first day back at school. Big Robot can’t wait, the boredom has got to him and he’s been counting down the days. Little Robot is nervous about starting Year 1. He wakes and, having witnessed Big Robots case of conjunctivitis the week before, starts feigning illness. “My eye is sore mummy” he whinges whilst pointing to a perfectly normal looking eye. “Do I have to stay home?” he enquires. The next day it’s his leg that is sore. By day three, he’s given up inventing maladies as he realises I won’t be fooled.


The Mini Robots have now enjoyed over a week back in the classroom and I don’t say that sarcastically. They have actually enjoyed it, even nervous Little Robot has left school smiling each day. So whilst the last two weeks of summer holidays dragged a bit, it seems to have left them refreshed and ready to take on the new term.


The house seems eerily quiet until home time. Now I’m looking forward to half-term in October and a week of Halloween fun.


A Cornish Mum


  1. So true! Gosh, during August I had zero time to blog. I miss the kids now they’re back at school though and also looking forward to half term and Halloween activities 🙂 #PicknMix

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  2. Oh your summer hols sound much like ours, minus the minecraft & Pokemon as these aren’t favourites with the girls. Swap that with dressing up & My Little Pony then that was our life. Couldn’t see their bedroom floors sometimes due to the outfits!! Enjoy the first term back. #PicknMix

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  3. It’s bittersweet the return to school isn’t it. Mine definitely made a lot of mess too during the holidays, lots of Minecraft going on. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix
    Eilidh x

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  4. I’m counting down til the October holiday as well, I need more lie ins 😉 plus I do love having my boys at home 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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