Spring Colour: A Colourful Garden for my Colour Blind Son

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Spring has sprung and, as the days are getting warmer, I find myself coming out of my winter hibernation and wanting to spend more time outside. Little Robot doesn’t enjoy playing in the garden very much, well actually, he does when he’s out there but it’s convincing him to get out there that’s tricky. Big Robot would happily spend most of his time outside, he loves it. I have fond memories of him exploring the garden when he was just two as I sat on the patio step feeding his newborn brother.


Now we know Little Robot is colour blind, I wondered if maybe the garden just doesn’t look appealing to him. The pink blossom looks greyish, the green grass looks like the yellowed grass of summer, the red flowers look brown and dead. We always plant flowers at this time of year and it dawned on me that our colour choices from previous years might have been rather boring to him.


How a garden looks to a red-green colour blind person.


So I went round the garden centre with my phone out at the weekend, I probably looked like some annoying text- walking person but I wasn’t texting, I was using a colour blindness simulator app. I knew that yellow would be ok but since the grass looks yellowed I wanted something different, something that really stands out. Then I saw them, one of the simplest, cheapest garden flowers you can get…purple pansies!


How purple pansies look to a red-green colour blind person.


He can’t see purple as we see purple because he can’t see the red in it but to him they look an amazing, bright blue. Such a nice bright blue that I sort of wished I didn’t have to look through an app to see them that way.


The garden can look a bit boring if you're red-green colour blind. How I've added spring colour with the colours he can see.


It wasn’t until later on, when we’d got the flowers home and into the garden, that I remembered something. Pansies were my grandads favourite flower and I’d often wondered why, they’re nothing really special. It always struck me as odd that, out of all of the amazing flowers in the world, the simple pansy was his favourite. Now I understand. He was colour blind too and those simple purple pansies would have been amazingly blue for him too.




  1. What a lovely idea for your son. I love pansies too they are so colourful! Sarah #fabfridaypost

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  2. Oh my word… what a lovely post. A simple flower can have such wonderful meanings. The app is such a brilliant idea. Now that your son and enjoy the garden too. Big hugs to you. xx

    Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost:) x

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