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Neither of my children like the dark very much. My eldest has a night light on through the entire night. However, my youngest prefers no lights on at all unless he needs to get up for the loo or because something’s frightened him. He’s a sensitive little thing. The other day he came to the top of the stairs crying because of strange noises. The strange noises were only his brother getting out of bed but, my youngest boy looked terrified and his face crumpled with tears as he told me about these noises. So I was glad to see he was carrying his night time buddy, his Lego Benny the Spaceman Torch Night Light.


Lego Benny the Spaceman Torch Night Light


Lego make many night lights like Benny. There’s Yoda, Batman, Superman, Darth Vader and The Joker to name a few. The night lights are battery operated and need 3 AA batteries. I was worried they’d run down really fast but we’ve had Benny for several months now and, whilst he’s not switched on every night, I haven’t needed to change the batteries yet.


Lego Benny the Spaceman Torch Night Light Switched On



The night light is switched on by pressing a big button in the middle of it’s tummy. So it’s really easy for a child to do in the dark. It has a 30 minute timer so it’ll automatically switch off after 30 minutes after bed time. The night light also doubles as a torch, pull Benny off his base and he’s now a torch with the light shining out of his feet!


Lego Benny the Spaceman Torch Night Light Feet


Also, being Lego, the night light can do some of what the tiny Lego figures can do. You can remove his helmet, his head and his oxygen tanks. You can also move each of his legs, he could stand on the base with one leg angled up so the light shines out into the room more.


Lego Benny the Spaceman Torch Night Light Legs


I think Benny and the other Lego night lights/torches are brilliant and the familiar characters are great for reassuring children who’re scared of the dark. One that surprised me about the range is the age range suggested on the box. Bennys’ box says he’s for ages 5+ others in the range say 7+. I can’t see why. My son has had his Benny light since heĀ turned 4 with no issues so I’d take the age range with a pinch of salt.


My son really loves his Benny the Spaceman Lego Torch Night Light. It’s perfect for a Lego Movie fan who’s worried about the dark.


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