Parenthood is Hazardous to Your Health!

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There’s one thing I’ve found the hard way since becoming s mum 6.5 years ago, parenthood is hazardous!


We all know that kids spread bugs like wildfire, I’ve lost count of the number of colds they’ve given me. They’ve also helpfully shared with me norovirus, flu, tonsillitis (twice!) and conjunctivitis. However, as I sit here with a fat lip thanks to a collision with a swing, I have to say I wasn’t quite aware pre-kids just how many physical injuries they’d manage to give me!


1. Being used as a climbing frame

Sit on the floor or lay in bed you can guarantee you’ll end up with a small child on your back. They’ve got you now, one false move and you’ll end up with a elbow in your ribs and a swift kick to the head.


2. Sporting target

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. Oh yes, the day will come when you get hit by a football or frantically dodge a scooter before you’re run over. As a child, my husband excitedly came home from a karate lesson wanting to show off his new ninja moves and accidentally punched his own mother in the face.


3. Trip hazards

Small children make sudden movements. Doing so whilst playing on the floor and suddenly you have a wriggly, unpredictable trip hazard on your hands.


Parenthood is Hazardous to Your Health! Common parenthood mishaps.


4. Playground and soft play equipment

Some kids find climbing up easier than getting down, resulting in a small crying child stuck at the top of a play frame. Climbing up something designed for people less than half your height in order to rescue them often doesn’t end well. Watch your head and don’t get your bum stuck on the slide!


5. Babies = bad backs.

Even parents of tiny babies don’t escape. Hours of feeding, bending to pick them up, hefting a carrier car seat, carrying them when they won’t let you put them down can wreak havoc on your back.


6. Toys

They get left on the floor, halfway up the stairs, in your bed. They lie in wait, biding their time before an unsuspecting foot lands upon them. Stepping on Lego is only slightly less painful than stepping on an upturned plug.


What parenthood hazards have happened to you?




  1. Uh the number of times I am clambered upon, pulled and tugged, I’m surprised I’m still in one piece….that’s a lie I’m not in piece, I now have to have physio as the ligaments and joints in my hip are out of alignment from two back to back pregnancies and carrying small people all the time.

    It’s a hard job being a mum, god help when the lego comes out 😉

    Great post and thanks for sharing #FabFridayPost

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  2. I’ve been knocked over by a scooter, shot at close range (in the eye) by a nerf gun and trodden on more toys than I could imagine 😉 Sarah #FabFridayPost

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  3. great post! my boys love a nerf gun. these have caused several injuries to me and me alone not major ones but several blasts to the back of my head, my 3 year old had a scarily good aim. I once opened the door to the postman after recently having many nerf suction dart marks all over my cheek. attractive. #FabFridayPost

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  4. Wowee – I had no idea parenthood was so dangerous for your health! I’m going to have to up my insurance before our little one arrives. I’m accident prone enough as it is! #FabFridayPost

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  5. Aha! I totally agree and can relate to you on this one(s). Ethan decided now he loves signing. He was really good at first then something happened – I have no idea how or what – he got confident and starts to sign really loud! My ear drums can not take it anymore! lol!

    Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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