Our First Toucan Box – Review

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The Robots in this house love craft activities so we decided to try Toucan Box. Toucan Boxes are craft activities through your letterbox. It seems you can get lots of things in letterbox shaped boxes these days, I’ve heard of beauty boxes, snack boxes, I recently tried a letterbox cake and now there’s craft boxes too.


There’s three Toucan Box sizes to choose from with different amount of craft activities in each. We had a petite Toucan Box which is £3.95 plus 98p delivery. There’s a new theme every fortnight but you can change delivery frequency or cancel whenever you like by logging into your account.


Big Robot was extremely excited when he saw a Toucan Box had been delivered with his name on the front.


“Oh wow! That’s a Toucan Box, I’ve seen those on telly. They’re like magic because the postman knows your name!” he exclaimed. Clearly, advertising works on six year olds.


Toucan Box - Craft Box - Review


Inside was a pirate themed activity and everything needed to make it. Literally EVERYTHING. I was really impressed by this. The activity included making a pirate treasure map and making the paper look old by painting tea onto it. So, inside the box there was not only a sheet of thick paper and sticker to go on the map but also crayons to draw the map and a tea bag to age the paper!


The boys loved screwing up the paper and painting it with tea. A petite box comes with enough materials for one person so, as Little Robot wanted to join in, we used one of our own tea bags (he was rather excited by stealing daddy’s tea!) to make our treasure map brew even stronger and I got him an extra piece of paper and shared out the stickers.


Toucan Box - Craft Box - Review


They couldn’t wait for their maps to dry, thankfully it didn’t take long and they were then drawing and putting stickers on to lead the way to their pirate treasure. Once finished, Big Robot started playing a pirate game with his new creation. He buried his favourite toys under some sheets of paper and was hunting around the living room with his map to discover his treasure.



Also inside the box was a parrot making activity with a cardboard parrot, feathers to glue onto it (glue included in the box too) and a lollipop stick for a perch. We haven’t done this activity yet, as the boys were so busy creating and using their maps we’ve saved it for another day.


I was impressed by Toucan Box coming with absolutely everything needed to create each craft and how much the boys enjoyed the activity so I look forward to the next one arriving.


I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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  1. We really like Toucan Box, we sometimes get one for the school holidays. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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