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To My Love


I look back to when this all started, 7 years ago. Before I met you, I’d spend so much money on dusters, tissues and make up remover. I’d spend even more on all sorts of cleaning products for the car, TV and kitchen. All of it has been replaced by squidgy packets of you. I only have eyes for you now.


But don’t think it’s just the money. I look back to how much time I’d spend, gathering those different products and using them. Time that I just didn’t have once the children were born. Who has the time to go to the kitchen cupboard, wrestle with a child lock, remove dusters and furniture polish, spray all dusty items (of which there are many since it doesn’t get done often), dust and then tidy away again? I simply had no time for this when the baby was noisily demanding I congratulate him for finally sitting up unaided and the toddler will push him over as soon as I’ve left the room.


As the children have gotten older, you’ve saved me time in many other ways. School shoes which have been caked in mud are shiny in the 5 seconds we have spare before the school run. Days when the alarm has been snoozed repeatedly and I’ve no time to wash my face, you did it for me.


But it’s not just the time either. I look back at how you came to my rescue, in the sleep-deprived newborn days when visitors would criticise my lack of dusting rather than offering to do it for me. Just like you rescued me when I faced every poonami, projectile vomit and toddler snot incident. You’ve saved me, over and over again and you do it all whilst asking nothing in return.


Before you, something was missing from my life and I didn’t know what it was. Now I know better. I need you in my life, I am anxious when we are apart and I rush to get more of you. I always need more. My babies may have grown into bigger children now, there’s no need for bottom wiping anymore, but you’ve worked your way into the rest of our lives. I can not part with you now.


This is my love letter to you, my forever love, baby wipes.

My Love Letter to Baby Wipes

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