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My kids love games, favourites include BBQ Party, Mousetrap and Gator Goal but we’ve started to venture into the world of more grown up board games too. Big Robot loves to have a go at Scrabble and Monopoly however the later is a bit tricky and the games take AGES.


So we thought we’d try Monopoly Junior, I’d read that the rules were easier and games were shorter. Seemed like it’d be a winner all round.


Monopoly Junior Review: How does it compare to the grown ups version?


Monopoly Junior looks rather like regular Monopoly but simpler, the board has locations such as a pet shop to buy instead of London place names. Gone are the tiny plastic houses and hotels, instead you put a little card counter on each of the places you own. So it’s a lot less fiddly and makes the game shorter.


The money is far simpler, just 1M (the M means Monopoly not millions) notes instead of the 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 50’s, 100’s and 500’s in regular Monopoly. There’s still chance cards but no community chest cards, you get 2M when you pass go and there’s still a jail but it’s super easy to get out.


The game ends when one player runs out of money and property, the remaining players then count up how much they have and the winner is the one with the most. Far simpler and shorter than grown up Monopoly and means the other players don’t carry on playing and leaving out the one who’s out of the game.


The boys love playing this game and it was definitely worth getting even though we had the grown up game already. I actually prefer this version, the regular Monopoly is too long with too many rules that I find it boring. Monopoly Junior is just right for the grown ups and the kids to enjoy it together.


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  1. My children adore Monopoly Junior (aged 5 and 8), we often have a game after dinner, it only takes about an hour at the most. We have even got to the point that there is no tantrum when someone loses because they know we will play again another day and they might win then. #triedtested

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