Little Robot’s First Glasses

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As you may know if you’ve been reading my blog Little Robot has recently had his eyes tested. We came away from the eye test with a prescription and NHS voucher for his first glasses, now we just needed to choose some. It was the Easter holidays and I thought both the Robots wouldn’t be impressed if we spent a long time looking around opticians so I looked online first to decide where we would go.


I started with Boots Opticians as I’d seen their adverts recently, they have a new and free eye check story, Zookeeper Zoe, which is basically an eyesight screening check in the form of a book and app. You can download it for free from the app store and it should give an indication of whether your child needs an eye test and if their colour vision is OK. I found the kids glasses on their website and saw kids glasses start at £40 and this price range is free with an NHS voucher. If you choose more expensive glasses you have to pay the difference. The Superhero glasses that Little Robot would love were £50 and so £11.30 with a voucher however, as he’s only 4, I wanted to get two pairs in case he lost or broke a pair and needed a spare whilst I got them fixed. Therefore it would have cost £61.30 for two.


Next I checked the website of Vision Express which was a bit confusing, the website shows a selection of free children’s frames and a price of £91 by the side of them. I assume this means they’re free with a voucher and £91 without however the website doesn’t make this clear. If that is the case then this would have been quite expensive so I ruled them out.


4 year old getting his first glasses. Which high street opticians did we find to have the best range, pricing and service.


Lastly I moved onto Specsavers website. I’d left them until last as I was a bit hesitant to go to Specsavers because of how long I was kept waiting for eye tests in the past and it’d be just me with two potentially bored children. However, we weren’t going for an eye test, just buying his first glasses so hopefully it’d be OK I thought and nosed about on the website. They had a good selection of kids glasses, including the Superheroes frames I knew Little Robot would love and their pricing is brilliant. Glasses in the £64 and £85 kids ranges are free with an NHS voucher and Specsavers will give you another pair free too!


So, decision made, we head off to Specsavers the next day and amongst plain glasses, Gruffalo glasses, Disney princess glasses, Disney Cars glasses there were also Spider-Man glasses. That was it, Little Robot wanted those ones. We tried them on and thankfully they fitted him. He wanted two pairs of Spider-Man glasses but the lady in the shop said we needed to pick two different pairs so they can tell which is your NHS funded pair and which is the free extra pair. She explained that they will fix and replace the NHS funded pair for free but the free extra pair is a gift from Specsavers and there’s a charge for fixing them. He chose Stick Man glasses instead and we tried them but they seemed too big around his little nose so we tried Disney Planes and they fitted perfectly. We spoke to the lady again and we were shown to a seat to fill in some details and take a couple of measurements. Within 10 minutes we’d been seen and were on our way out of the opticians with an appointment to come back in a weeks time and collect the glasses.


We collected Little Robots glasses just over a week ago. It was really quick, just a five minute wait and soon he was trying on his new glasses and having them adjusted. We popped into another shop afterwards and suddenly he exclaimed “Now I can see things far away! I can see Big Robot when he’s here and when he’s far away!” complete with demonstrating this by pushing his brother a foot away from him. A couple days later, he’d taken his glasses off to get changed after school and Big Robot asked him to come and look at a toy “Wait a minute” Little Robot replies “I just need to put my glasses on so I can see it properly”. So cute. He’s been looking after them well, putting them in a case at bedtime and giving them a clean when they’re dirty. He’s been wearing them for over a week now and has taken to them really well.


I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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