Hot Wheels Nitro Bot Attack Track Set – Review

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Hot Wheels cars have always provided my children with hours of fun, so when Little Robot saw the advert for Hot Wheels Nitro Bot Attack he was spellbound by it. Little Robot is the reason why I nickname my children as Big and Little Robot on my blog, he loves robots and started calling all of us robots when he was 2. So now there’s a toy that combines cars and robots, he was so excited by it.

Hot Wheels Nitro Bot Attack Track Set Review

Hot Wheels Nitro Bot Attack features a big robot, called Nitro Bot, attacking the Hot Wheels city. He has big grabbing hands and open mouth so that you can put a Hot Wheels car inside.

Hot Wheels Nitro Bot Attack Track Set Review

It comes with one Hot Wheels car and a moveable launcher which connects to three different places allowing the child to shoot a Hot Wheels car at Nitro Bot. I was worried whether my 4 year old boy would be able to move the launcher easily as he sometimes find connecting his other Hot Wheels tracks fiddly. However he was fine with connecting the launcher, shooting an Nitro Bot with rather impressive speed!


Each launching point does something different. Shoot from the right and you zip around Nitro Bot unscathed. Shoot from the left and the car circles around Nitro Bot’s back and either down the track to the other side of him, or through his hand, which then lifts up the car and a section of track. Oh no! Nitro Bot has got you! Shoot from the middle though and that’s when you get him, the car hits the big purple button on his chest and Nitro Bot’s head pops off. Robot defeated, crisis averted.


Hot Wheels Nitro Bot Attack Track Set Review

Overall, my son loves his Hot Wheels Nitro Bot Attack set. This set can be connected to other Hot Wheels tracks allowing you to extend the play, or it can be played with as a standalone playset.

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