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The days are getting longer and with this time of year can come late nights and early wake ups for children. Big Robot is very much a night owl and if the sun is still up he wants to be too, we have a black out blind for his bedroom (which gets the evening sun) to help him get to sleep.


Little Robot is the opposite, he’s straight to sleep at night however he’ll jump out of bed with the sun rise in the morning. Unfortunately, I now know all too well that sunrise in May is around 5am.


So I rushed out and bought a Gro-Clock.


The Gro Company - Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer Review


When Big Robot had a batch of early wake ups we got him to check the time a clock in his room. Little Robot is learning how to tell the time, I reckon he could do it but there’s no where in his little room for a clock by his bed. I wanted something he could see from his bed so he wouldn’t have to get up to check it.


The Gro-Clock sleep trainer lights up and has big picture and a colour change to let the child know when it’s ok to get up. The Gro-Clock shows a star and lights up blue for night time. Once it reaches wake up time, the clock changes to a sun picture and a yellow light. Little Robot is colour blind but blue and yellow aren’t affected so these colours, plus the picture change too, are fine for him.


The Gro Company - Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer Review


The Gro-Clock also comes with a story book which explain to the child how getting a good nights sleep helps and to check their Gro-Clock for a sun. The Gro-Clock also displays the time as well as the pictures. He’s been telling me “Mummy, I love my new digital clock you bought me” as having a clock in his room makes him feel grown up.


You can set two wake up times in the clock and so could have a morning wake up and a nap time wake up set (or use the nap time function to set a slightly later wake up for weekends thus getting yourself a lay in!) The buttons can also be locked so little fingers can’t change all the settings!


This morning was bright and sunny really early and he climbed into our bed, I’m not sure what time that was but it definitely wasn’t 7am. Before getting the clock, I’d tell him it’s still night time but he wouldn’t believe me and, if he did go back to his bed, he’d be back in ours five minutes later. He believes the clock though! I told him it’s still night time and he should check his clock and go back to his bed and then he didn’t get up again until 7am. So it definitely helped us get a better nights sleep.


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  1. I may have to invest in one of these, I’m getting a bit tired of having to wake up so early to a toddler constantly saying “Is it morning time? Is it morning time?!” ???????? Gem (aka Colleyswobbles) #fabfridaypost

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  2. This is great! I’m not sure how well my 3 year old would do with it, though. :/ She has been getting a little better about not bugging me too much if she wakes up before me. She usually doesn’t get up too early…but I have a 4 month old, so I go back to sleep most mornings for a couple hours. 😀

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  3. This clock has definitely worked for us as well. Although they did ask us if it was broken when the clocks had changed and we tried to send them to bed before dark lol ! xxx #FabFridayPost

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  4. That looks like a good idea for those people who have an issue with restless children first thing! The Tubblet was always good about playing in her room until called on the whole.

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  5. I am tempted to buy this cute looking clock for myself. Not sure it will survive my kids

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