No More Baby Seat – Graco Assure Sport Luxe Review

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My youngest is now 4.5 and has become too big for his group 1 car seat. No more baby seat for him (is it just me, or does anyone else feel sad when little ones outgrow something?) and so we shopped around for a group 2-3 high back booster and settled on the Graco Assure Sport Luxe.

I bought it last week and was quite surprised when I saw the dinky little box it came in. It didn’t look big enough to contain a car seat for 4-12 year olds.


Graco Assure in Box


However, inside I found the seat required some assembly.


Graco Assure Assembly


I’ve not bought a group 2-3 seat before so don’t know if this is the norm. My 6 year old currently uses a group 1-2-3 Britax Evolva and that’s all ready assembled in the box. So I set to work with the car seat pieces and the instruction manual. Um…


Graco Assure Instruction Manual


That’s the instructions to put this thing together…teeny, tiny pictures. The steps were simple, once I’d squinted at the pictures long enough to work out what they were trying to tell me to do. I got there in the end and the seat looked really good.


Graco Assure Sport Luxe


The Graco Assure Sport Luxe is certainly the most padded booster seat I’ve ever seen. It makes my 6 year olds Britax Evolva look like a hard wooden bench! It’s padded with memory foam, has padded arm rests and certainly looks very comfortable. In each side there’s a cup holder, perfect for my son to store his drink on long journeys.


Graco Assure Sport Luxe Cup Holder


I decide it’s time to get this into the car. It uses the cars seat belts and has an easy to use seat belt guide to ensure the belt sits securely over the childs shoulder and hips.


Graco Assure Sport Luxe Installed in Car


My son has sat in his new booster seat a few times now and he loves it. The seat belt fits over him safely and he looks very comfortable in the seat. He loves his new big boy seat (even if I sometimes wish he wouldn’t grow quite so fast!). My only criticism is the instruction manual, assembly and installation wasn’t difficult but the pictures could do with being bigger so that it’s easier to understand.


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