Fussy Eater…Really?

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My eldest can be fussy with his food, he’s not too bad, it’s not like will be appearing on a TV documentary about kids that only eat crisps and custard creams any time soon. Though he’s often wary of trying new things. There’s even things he used to eat loads of he now won’t touch. Like pasta, he used to shovel handfuls of macaroni cheese in his mouth when he was a baby. He used to love covering himself in tomato sauce as he ate cheese tortellini too…he looked like he’d been Tangoed. However, now pasta of all shapes, sizes and sauces is totally ignored. He loves chicken but if it’s not got a coating of breadcrumbs he doesn’t want to know and has been known to throw a wobbly over it being a different breaded chicken product to what he’s used to…thankfully he’s lightened up on that these days.


So a fussy eater I suppose, or at least that’s what us grown ups think. In actual fact, if you look at some of the things he does eat, he’s actually rather adventurous.


You see, fish fingers and custard isn’t just on the menu for a regenerating Doctor Who. Oh no, DS1 has tried that one on many an occasion. How about chicken nuggets dipped in chocolate mousse? Not take your fancy? Hmm, how about dipped in yoghurt then? No? Ok, maybe not the chicken…how does garlic bread dipped in some form of dessert sound?


How many adults would even think to try those combos, let alone try them and go back for more. Oh yes, I turn my back for a few seconds and hear him saying “dunk, dunk” to himself and I know when I look back there will be some weird and stomach churning combo of sweet and savoury heading for his mouth because I’ve left his dinner plate on the table after I’ve given him his pudding.


However, as much as I wouldn’t want to eat garlic bread and chocolate mousse, fish fingers and custard or whatever has taken his fancy this time, I won’t stop him from doing so. Carry on I say…hopefully his willingness to try weird combinations will translate into a willingness to try some of the more “normal” foods we offer. Though this is coming from someone who used to dunk bourbon biscuits into orange squash.


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