Fungus AmungUs Review – The New Gross Collectable Toy

Posted By KidGearUK on Saturday, 6 February, 2016 | 2 comments

So there’s Shopkins, Uglies Pets, Trashies and now Fungus AmungUs has joined the ranks of collectable toys.

Fungus AmungUs are icky, sticky, squishy fungi. My boys saw the advert and my six year old wanted some, especially as he’s recently been swabbing his classroom and growing bugs in petri dishes at school. He was delighted to find them in the shop when he was spending his pocket money.


They come in two pack sizes, there’s yellow petri dishes with 2 fungi inside and Vac Pack bags containing 6 fungi.


You can store your fungi in a Toxic Chamber which, as well as room to store four petri dishes, contains 1 superbug (a giant fungi), a squish chamber and a magnifier to examine your fungi more closely. There’s also the Exgerminator toy to trap, squish and fling your fungi. My boys choose a Toxic Chamber and petri dish each.

Fungus AmungUs Toxic Chamber and petri dish

They were very excited to open them when we got home. Ever since, they’ve been sticking them to the doors and watching them flip down, squishing them in the tube, pretending to conduct experiments, scanning the bugs DNA and all sorts of mad scientist type play. My six year old came over to me a moment ago wearing every piece of dress up clothing we own as if it were a Hazmat suit!


So far it’s a great toy that they’re really enjoying. Sticky grossness with a nod to the science lab. Great for my little mad scientists.

Fungus AmungUs Toy Review

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  1. I have a feeling my three boys would be fascinated with these.

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    • KidGearUK

      My boys love all these little collectable toys and these ones seem to have really captured their imaginations!

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