Fungus AmungUs – Slammer Hammer Review

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This time last year, my boys had discovered Fungus AmungUs and both loved collecting FunGuys and squishing them in their Toxic Chambers.


Since then new Fungus AmungUs toys have been released and my eldest loves the Yuck Truck and Exgerminator. The Yuck Truck has sound effects, spins the FunGuys around and has a moving hammer to squish them. Whilst the Exgerminator has a moving track which sucks them up, squashes and traps them. It also has sound effects and a flinger to fling your FunGuys.


Fungus AmungUs Yuck TruckFungus AmungUs Exgerminator


My boys find these really fun, so when they saw the latest advert for the new Slammer Hammer, they just had to have it.


Fungus AmungUs Slammer Hammer

The Slammer Hammer lets you trap and squash those pesky little FunGuys. As the name suggests, it looks a bit like a hammer except it opens up. My two excited boys couldn’t wait to get it out from the box so I couldn’t get a picture of it unopened!


Fungus AmungUs Slammer Hammer - Close Up


It took us a minute to figure out how to work it. You put a FunGuy in the opening jaws and squeeze the handle. This closes the jaws of the hammer. Then you twist the middle section to lock the hammer shut. Now your FunGuy is well and truly trapped! Once it’s locked, squeezing the handle doesn’t open it nor does twisting the middle section again. You must slide the middle section, this squashes the FunGuy inside the hammer. Only then can you twist the middle section again and reopen the hammer.


Fungus AmungUs Slammer Hammer Review


Once we figured that out and taught the kids, they found it easy to use. Like the other Fungus AmungUs toys it’s well made and looks sturdy. Though, with the name “hammer” my kids were tempted to bash the FunGuys hard with it. Any toy, hit hard enough, is likely to break and I worried this would too. So I told them to splat the FunGuys more gently and it’s been fine. They’ve played with it constantly over the last few days and are really happy with their new toy.


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  1. Looks great fun! We haven’t got into this range yet but think it would word with Grossery Gang 🙂 #TriedTested

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  3. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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