Craft – Making Springtime Sun Catchers

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Since spring is on it’s way, and the sun is shining more, I thought it’d be nice to make some sun catchers to hang in the windows. Big Robot immediately jumped up and rush to the kitchen when I said we could make something. Little Robot is never so sure about these things so I was surprised when he jumped up and was excited to make them too.



To make sun catchers you could paint any clear plastic. For example, add a bit of PVA to some paint and paint onto empty food containers. You could cut them into a shape beforehand. Once dry, hang or stick them near a window.


Or kits are available too. We bought a kit that included a plastic butterfly shape, paints, brush and gold string for hanging it. It was a bargain for only £1.25 in Tesco.


Tesco Go Create Sun Catcher Kit


Once we had everything ready, Big Robot asked if I had any other colours. He’s not the kind of boy to shun pink, in fact both my boys say it’s one of their favourites, but I don’t think he liked the pastel shades. I did think they were a bit of an odd choice of colours since, when I think of sun catchers, I think of bright, stained glass type colours. I think he was thinking the same.


I was pleased to see Little Robot so enthusiastic for this activity, it’s normally quite hard to get him involved with crafts. He enjoyed making sun catchers and it captured his full attention. He was concentrating so hard on staying the the lines, which made me think this is a good activity for improving fine motor skills and helping improve his writing (take a look at my other ways to encourage writing).



Big Robot was also concentrating hard. He said he was going to paint each side the same as the other so that it was like real butterfly wings. He loves things to be realistic and so he wanted his sun catcher to look like a real butterfly.



The boys really enjoyed making their sun catchers and it was a quick activity, only around 15 minutes, so it was easy to fit in after school.


Cuddle Fairy


  1. Looks fun to do! Your children paint so nicely and so clean! This is indeed a good craft for fine motor skills! #BloggerClubUK

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  2. This sounds like a great activity, I love the fact that its only 15 minutes and so easy to fit in post school. Also it means that when their attention is short (like Monkey’s) yo have half a chance of completing an activity! Thank you for joining me at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

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