Colour Blind Christmas – Decorations for my Colour Blind Boy

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Earlier this year, we discovered Little Robot is colour blind. From then on, things made sense. How he’d struggled to learn colours when we tried to teach him. Why he’d always draw in black or dark blue. Why he’d tell me his favourite colour was black.


It came as no big surprise to me, after all my brother is colour blind, my granddad was colour blind, it runs in the family. Though hearing those words made me sad. Had he ever felt frustrated, confused, even stupid because he couldn’t see colours the same as us and we didn’t know. That thought and one other upset me greatly at the time.


The other thought was Christmas.


There we were every year, decorating a green tree in red and gold baubles, acting like it was the prettiest thing in the world. He must have thought the world had gone mad.


Colour Blind Christmas - How a Christmas Tree looks to a colour blind person

The image on the right is how the tree looks to a red-green colour blind person.


There’s no traditional red, green and gold. A colour blind Christmas is muddy brown. At best, you could say it’s a chocolate brown (or at worst it looks like sh*t). In spring, I set about injecting some colour into our garden to make the great outdoors look more, well, great. Now it’s time to do the same to Christmas.


So the red baubles are heading for the charity shop, they have been replaced with glittery silver (seriously, there’s so much glitter I think we’ll still be finding it at Easter). Our complete lack of tinsel has been addressed, we now have lots of blue tinsel. We’ve kept some of the gold decorations since there’s some glittery ones that sparkle nicely in our new lights. Yes, new lights as well. Our tree is pre-lit because I’d always get in a tangle (and a grump!) wrestling with a string of lights. But the lights on it don’t flash or twinkle or do anything. Boring! So much deep breathing (and tongue biting) later and we have 240 multifunction lights on it.


Colour Blind Christmas - Blue, Gold and Silver Decorations on the Christmas Tree


One of the pictures above is how the tree looks to someone with normal vision, the other is how it looks to Little Robot. Hard to tell the difference isn’t it? This year Little Robots Christmas days will be merry and bright!


(p.s. It’s the one on the right)


Colour Blind Christmas - Christmas Decorations for my Colour Blind Son



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  1. I am so glad you can make Christmas better for your little man. Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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