Money Saving

Yesterday the TV was telling me that it’s Black Friday. No not the one in November when everyone goes a bit loopy trying to grab a cheap telly. Apparently there’s another one. This Black Friday is everyone being down in the dumps with debt and no money left to tide them over until the January pay day.

I don’t have any debt but I am a stay-at-home-mum, we have one income from my husbands job and we find ourselves running short by the end of the month. This wasn’t always the case and we should have plenty really. It’s just us not managing what we have as well as we should. So some money saving is in order, it’s time that I BEE a Money Saving Mummy. If your in a similar situation here’s my top tips to BEE one too (I don’t have a fascination with bumble bees, it’s my little acronym).

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