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Earlier this year, we discovered Little Robot is colour blind. From then on, things made sense. How he’d struggled to learn colours when we tried to teach him. Why he’d always draw in black or dark blue. Why he’d tell me his favourite colour was black.

It came as no big surprise to me, after all my brother is colour blind, my granddad was colour blind, it runs in the family. Though hearing those words made me sad. Had he ever felt frustrated, confused, even stupid because he couldn’t see colours the same as us and we didn’t know. That thought and one other upset me greatly at the time.

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24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Posted By on Thursday, 17 November, 2016

This Elf on the Shelf thing, I’m sure you know it, started when the Robots were teeny and yet we’ve never done it.

I was tempted to but the craze passed us by in the end. Now at 7 and 5 years old, I was thinking they’d probably be too old for it. However Daddy Robot wanted to give it a go this year and I think it’s a nice idea. At this age, they still believe in Father Christmas and will also be old enough to remember the elf’s mischief.

Looking at some of the pictures on Pinterest, I think this could become a family tradition that’s still fun even when the kids are older, there’s lots of Elf on the Shelf ideas that are a bit more grown up!

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Spooky Vanilla Shortbread Biscuits – Gluten Free

Spooky Vanilla Shortbread Biscuits – Gluten Free

Posted By on Tuesday, 25 October, 2016


With Halloween less than a week away the Mini Robots have been very excited.

This half-term Big Robot wants everything to be Halloween related. We’ve done Halloween colouring, watched Halloween TV programmes, he’s played Minecraft with a Halloween theme and so our baking just HAD to be spooky too.

Fortunately I have some mini biscuit cutters in various shapes so the gingerbread man became a zombie, the house shape made haunted houses and the cat shape was great for making vampire cats (I did suggest witches cats but the boys covered them in red icing and declared them vampires).

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Summer Holidays – All Good Things Must End

Posted By on Monday, 22 August, 2016

I have fond memories of my school holidays as a child. Whether it’s the long, lazy days of summer sunshine (ha! OK, maybe not in the UK) or the cozy, comfort of Christmas, there’s always been good memories made. As a parent, spending more time with my children is the obvious plus (I also rate not having to get out of bed at 7am and face the school run as a major bonus too) but I do feel I need to create the fun times of my childhood for my boys.

We’ve enjoyed the summer holidays this year, taking a trip to Hunstanton¬†early on and since then we’ve visited the park, cinema, swimming pool, played lots of games, ate much chocolate and caught many, many Pokemon together.

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In the cold, dreary days of January we started turning our minds to summer. We had an awesome summer holiday the year before and looked forward to summer sunshine on a sandy, British beach. Feeling bored of holidays to Caister and the Great Yarmouth area, I started the search for somewhere new. Well new-ish.

I’d been to Hunstanton many times before, climbing over the sandy dunes to get to Old Hunstanton beach is a clear memory from my childhood holidays. I knew it was a family friendly place and, whilst Hunstanton beach is a bit stony in places, there’s fabulous sandy beaches at Old Hunstanton and Holme-next-the-Sea just 10 minutes drive away.

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Both the boys are at school and the house is eerily quiet. The only sound is the click-clicking of the boys solar powered wiggling flowers on the windowsill, a relaxing background sound like the ticking of a clock. The boys may not be here but they certainly leave their mark for the living room is dotted with toys. Hot Wheels Nitro Bot has made a reappearance downstairs, they’ve decorated the coffee table with My Little Pony Kinder Egg toys as well as a tub of felt tip pens and, of course, there is Lego on the floor.

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