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My boys love role play toys, including play kitchens and play food, so when Big Robot saw Barbecue Party by Drumond Park advertised on the telly he loved the idea of the game.


Barbecue Party by Drumond Park - Toy Review


Inside the box is a friendly faced barbecue grill, food pieces, food cards, tongs and of course the instructions. The aim of the game is to be the first person to collect 3 pieces of food. First you pick one of the food cards and place the plastic food piece that matches it onto the barbecue. Careful! It might jump and all the food flies off! If you pick a card and the food piece is already on the barbecue, you have to carefully take the food off and keep it. Once you have three food pieces, you’ve won the game!


The game is for ages 4+ and 2-4 players. Though sometimes one of my boys will play on their own and use the barbecue and food to pretend to cook.


FIDDLY SETUP WARNING! See those little eyes on the food pieces, they’re all stickers you have to put on individually. Might be best to get this out the box and pre-stick them all on before giving it to your excited child.


Barbecue Party by Drumond Park - Toy Review


I did read some negative comments before I bought the game, some felt it wasn’t sensitive enough and they’d reached the end without the food jumping off the barbecue. This hasn’t been our experience, the food has flown off a fair few times during each time we’ve played plus, if it were more sensitive, it’d be frustrating for young children. I think they’ve got the balance about right.


Overall, the boys love the game and it keeps them entertained. I like that using the tongs and carefully placing the food pieces practices their motor skills and it’s quite fun for adults to play with them too.


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  1. Ah this looks like such a fun game! I’m sure my kids would enjoy it too! They love interactive games like this. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #bloggerclubuk

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