Back to School With Tesco – School Shoes Review

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Just a couple more weeks left of the summer holidays and soon the kids will be back at school. Which means it’s time to check school uniform still fits (my children grow like weeds over the summer!), label everything with their name and buy school shoes because last years are too small, falling to pieces or both.


Last years school shoe shopping was a shock to the system. Big Robot went up a shoe size over the summer holidays so needed new school shoes, plimsolls and trainers for wearing at home all at once. At the same time, Little Robot was starting reception so he needed school shoes as well. We walked out of the shoe shop with my bank account over 100 quid emptier than when we went in!


Back to School with Tesco - School Shoes Review


This year, only Big Robot needs new shoes and the very quiet branch of Brantano we used to go to has closed down. Dreading facing the queues in Clarks, I looked for some alternatives (well, first I tried booking a Clarks fitting appointment but I can’t log into their website, the password reset doesn’t work and so I’ve given up).


Emails about Tesco school uniform keep landing in my inbox so I decided to look in-store at their shoes. Big Robot found some he liked with dinosaurs on the soles and a little dinosaur design on the side which has a flashing LED for it’s eye. He tried them on and declared them the comfiest school shoes ever.


Back to School - School Shoes with Dinosaur Soles


I gave them the mummy-school-shoe-check…

  • Does the sole look able to withstand walking to school and back everyday for months on end? Check.
  • Does the sole also go over the front of the shoe so he can’t scuff the toes to pieces in five minutes? Check.
  • Do they have Velcro fastening because he’s still getting the hang of laces and I don’t want him yelling in frustration at laces first thing on a Monday morning? Check.


Seemed fine to me and they’re £15 instead of £50. Only when we got home, I realised they’re not leather. I missed out that bit of my mummy-school-shoe-check. They did have leather ones for the same price, I did show some to him but they didn’t have flashy-eyed dinosaurs on so he wanted these ones. Still for £15, I’m willing to take a chance on them surviving. They might not make it the whole academic year but, at the rate he’s growing, he’ll probably need the next size up before he’s managed to trash these shoes.


I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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