Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s a non-uniform day.

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So, you know how it goes. A letter or email arrives from the school informing you it’s non-uniform day in about two seconds time and there’s a THEME.

Noooo!!!!….please, not a theme, anything but a theme!!!

Have you ever tried to buy spotty clothes for a boy? I have and it’s no fun because THERE ISN’T ANY! But he wants to wear spotty clothes to school because, ya know, it’s the theme. In the end, so as not to disappoint nor make him feel the odd one out, I bought him a girls spotty top. Out of all the shops I visited and tops I looked at, I found one top with black and white spots with no bows.

Anyway, that was so last year. This year I receive a non-uniform letter and was quite relieved to see it’s to raise money for Children in Need and, as this years Children in Need theme is Superheroes, I can quite easily send my kids in the themed clothing they’ll want to wear.


See my eldest is always telling me he hates superheroes and so not a single item of his clothing has a superhero on it. He does have a Superman costume as, whilst he may hate superheroes, his dad loves them and couldn’t resist buying both the boys a costume. However, I really don’t envy the teachers on Superhero day. Can you imagine 30 children, dressed as superheroes all trying to go for a wee with costumes that do up at the back and have capes on?!

So I need something superheroey for him but which isn’t a full costume and I need it quick. Tesco F&F Clothing to the rescue! My favourite thing about them is there’s free Click & Collect to my nearest store. I can collect from 4pm the next day if I ordered before 3pm. So it’s quick delivery and I’ve no need to hunt around shops nor pay delivery and wait in for a courier.

A quick look on there and I’ve found a Spider-Man T-shirt for £5 that he likes. A few minutes later, I spot a Superman top, which comes complete with a cape! They don’t have it in my older boy’s size but they’ve got one which will fit my youngest. What can I say? I couldn’t resist! It has a CAPE! (a smaller one that shouldn’t get in the way on the loo!)


So I place my order and as usual, I’m not disappointed. The Spider-Man and Superman tops both look fantastic. The Superman top did look a bit different to the picture online but in a good way. What didn’t show well on the website was that the Superman “S” is a shiny red. It does look super!

Needless to say my boys were very pleased when they saw their new clothes. They can’t wait to wear them for Superhero day and I can’t wait to see their super cute little faces as they go to school in the morning. Let’s hope lots of money is raised by all the little Superheroes for Children in Need.


I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I just like to write about my experiences, good or bad, and hope it’s helpful to others. 

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