24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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This Elf on the Shelf thing, I’m sure you know it, started when the Robots were teeny and yet we’ve never done it.


I was tempted to but the craze passed us by in the end. Now at 7 and 5 years old, I was thinking they’d probably be too old for it. However Daddy Robot wanted to give it a go this year and I think it’s a nice idea. At this age, they still believe in Father Christmas and will also be old enough to remember the elf’s mischief.


Looking at some of the pictures on Pinterest, I think this could become a family tradition that’s still fun even when the kids are older, there’s lots of Elf on the Shelf ideas that are a bit more grown up!


So I bought an elf though not the official Elf on the Shelf one, at £30 he’s quite expensive! No, the Elf on the Shelf mischief in our house will be courtesy of our £2.99 house elf.


Meet Elfie…


24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Next issue was thinking of 24 different things Elfie could get up too each night whilst the boys are sleeping. After a morning of googling and brainstorming, I made this list…


24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

1. Mummified Elf – Wrap it in toilet roll so it looks like it’s dressed up as a mummy.


2. Mountaineering Elf -Make it a rope (tinsel, not just for decoration) and let the kids find Elfie in the middle of climbing the Christmas tree.


3. Chocolate Thief Elf – Ok, so having kids requires some sacrifices. I never said this Elf-shelf thing would be easy. Brace yourself for it….

have Elfie sitting in a pile of chocolate wrappers or open advent calendars (mummy and daddy’s ones, NOT the kids, we don’t want tears!) This may mean you have no chocolate that morning (but only because you’ve eaten it the night before…)


4. Gaming Elf – Got slightly older kids? Can’t get them off computer games? Well now you can, position Elfie with a games console controller, a pile of games and some snacks and your kids will discover it’s time for someone else to have a turn.


5. Film Buff Elf – Elfie has had a late night. Whilst everyone’s been sleeping the cheeky little elf has curled up in front of the TV, remote control in hand and snacks at the ready, to watch films till the early hours.


6. Snow Angel Elf – The messy version of this is to use flour or icing sugar, make a snow angel shape on the floor and put the Elf in the middle of it. Who wants to clean that up in the morning?! Cheat and use cotton wool to make the angel shape.


7. Paper Chain Elf – Elfie has been busy decorating. Make paper chains and hang from the ceiling, hang the Elf from the ceiling nearby (tie scissors and sellotape to Ellie’s hand for added effect).


8. Got Milk? Elf – Strong bones are needed for all the mischief. Elfie decides to get some extra calcium. Position Elfie next to an empty milk bottle.


9. Lego Your Elf – Did you know, elves love to play with construction toys? Make an Elf portrait out of Lego.


10. Picasso Elf – Elves love to paint and draw too. This night Elfie decides to create a masterpiece for the kids to marvel at in the morning.


11. Bank Robber Elf – Elfie has raided the piggy banks! They’re all empty and the money has been scattered over the floor (extra brownie points if you make your Elf a mask, a bag with “swag” written on it and a striped top).


12. Sat Nav Malfunction Elf – The wisemen have gotten lost…oh and so have the shepherds, Joseph, Mary and even the little baby Jesus has gone AWOL. There’s only one thing this could be, Elfie has hidden the nativity scene figures!


13. Big Head Elf – Elfie is really making a name for himself as a trouble maker now. All this notoriety has gone to his head and he’s replaced the star on Christmas tree with himself.


14. Gym Bunny Elf – Make an Elf sized barbell by putting marshmallows on the ends of a straw (may need to trim the straw) and the kids can find Elfie pumping some iron.


15. Sun Seeker Elf – Time to top up the tan. Make an Elf sized beach towel out of some old material. Draw a sun and sunglasses on a sheet of paper and cut them out. Lay Elfie on his new beach towel, sunglasses on his face and paper sun to his side. Add an Elf sized drink and book for extra sun worshipping fun.


16. Snow Elf – Elfie has been built a snowman overnight though, due to a lack of snow, he’s made it out of toilet rolls. Stack up three toilet rolls, wrap a scarf around and put a hat on top. Cut circles out of black paper, use them for eyes and buttons.


17. Bathing Elf – Taking a bath can be a chilly affair in the North Pole, Elves do it a different way. Create an Elf sized bath out of an ice cream tub or similar, place Elfie inside and fill the rest of the bath with marshmallows.


18. Spider-Elf – Is is a bird? Plane? No, it’s Spider-Elf. Making Elfie a Spider-Man mask to wear and hang him upside down from the ceiling. Pat yourself on the back if you also use left over fake spider web from Halloween to make him look even cooler.


19. Oil Change Elf – Elfie decides his car needs a little maintenance, tonight he decides to take a look underneath with a spanner at the ready.


20. Minion Your Elf – Bananas are boring, only Minions love them. Armed with this knowledge and a Sharpie, Elfie decides to liven up the fruit bowl by drawing the faces of Bob, Kevin and Co. on the bananas.


21. Toasty Elf – What’s more wintery than toasting marshmallows over an open fire? Quiet rightly, Elfie is not allowed to play with matches so attempts to toast a marshmallow over a battery powered candle instead.


22. Hi Ho Elf – Elfie doesn’t have a sleigh to go dashing through the snow on. However, put some reins on a cuddly toy and Elfie will be riding around the living room tonight.


23. Post-it Your Elf – Post-it Note the house…yes, the house. Cover the doors, walls, windows, tables, fridge, any surface you can find, with Christmas messages written on Post-it Notes.


24. Snowman a door – Elfie has supersized his snowman. This time make even bigger black paper buttons and eyes to stick on a door. Your winning at life if you get a scarf on the door too!


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